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Suddenly, Slate is Off the Floor, and on the Wall
Our mix and match components for slate wall cladding, panels, borders and baseboards combine to create custom looks for any interior vertical space. Cover your walls with slate from floor to ceiling, or add a touch of drama with slate paneling and borders on the upper or lower wall sections. Top off your wainscot paneling or chair rail with our exclusive Tuscany-inspired borders. Select from etched designs in Grape, Ivy or add a distinctive touch using Universal Pattern Slate to inspire your own personal design. All pieces precision-gauged to a uniform thickness of 3/8". For colors and other specifications, and ordering information, follow the link to the product page for each component.

Wainscot: 32" Chair Rail and 34" Chair Rail

   Borders, Chair Rails and Baseboards,

Border Ivy PatternBorder, Grape Vine Pattern

Universal Pattern Slate for Borders, Chair Rails, Baseboards, and Flooring Boarders
  Universal Pattern Corner SlateBorder,  Universal Pattern Slate
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Wall Cladding Designs for Full 8 Foot and 9 Foot Walls

Select from a rich palette of colors that includes Variegated, Antique and Muted Greens, Charcoal Grey, Desert Storm, Ebony and two Quartzite tones that shimmer with flecks of quartz crystals: Silver Quartzite and Autumn River.

Wall cladding on an 8 foot and 9 foot Wall

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